Convert Any Image File into PDF Documents

(Reviewed by FindMySoft) Let's suppose that you have just scanned a couple of documents into JPEG image files and you would like to convert them into PDF documents. That's because PDF files are the best for storing any kind of documents because they take up little hard disk space, they cannot be modified and they can be viewed using a simple application. But the problem is how to convert these files into PDFs. JPG To PDF Converter holds the answer. You already know what the program does just by looking at its name.

It's a Windows application that is able to convert an unlimited number of JPEG image files into PDF documents. But despite its name, the program can also handle other graphical formats, like PNG, GIF, BMP and so on. So, no matter what scanning software you use and what image file types it produces, these files will be always compatible with JPG To PDF Converter. The simple graphical interface of the software allows easy adding of any image file. Besides adding more images at once into the interface, the user can also add complete image folders, thus saving time.

After the desired images have been added to the program, one can type some information regarding the PDF document, like the title, author, creation date and can also set the quality of the image files. A lower quality will make the PDF document take up less hard disk space and it will be ideal for sharing it on the web or sending it as an email attachment.

After adding the images and inserting the desired information, the user can simply push the conversion button for creating the PDF file. By default, the PDF document is created in the same folder as the source image file.

It allows converting a wide range of image file types into PDF files, no matter how many of them are added to the program's interface. Besides that, the user can add some information regarding the PDF file and can also adjust the quality of the image files.

JPG To PDF Converter is a useful app for converting any image file into a PDF document, using various quality settings.

Download JPG To PDF Converter.